Seref Dursun Anar

seref dursun anarWPT National Merit North Cyprus (June 26th - July 7th, 2014)

I have been coming to the Merit Poker events since 2010. When I heard that Merit started organizing poker tournaments in those days, I decided to join. Then I was not a good player, just a beginner. However, after having started, I carried on learning the game and developing the strategies and made significant improvement. For three years, I attended different events in America and even won a prize in WSOP. Until now, the highest of my achievements was the 5th place in the main event, so I am very proud to win the second place in the Partypoker WPT National Merit Cyprus Main Event this time.

Merit Poker is a very lucky place for me and I just adore coming here. When there is a tournament here, I never travel anywhere else. It feels like home; players know each other and are the members of one big family. To my mind, it is organized in accordance with the standards of the top-quality events; the hotel location, tasty food, experienced staff, good service all add an exceptional value to the atmosphere of Merit Poker. This is just a wonderful place to play and have a holiday.
In poker, your knowledge is more important than your chance. I have read a couple of books on poker and they say that chance is only 20% of the winning criteria. All the rest belongs to the knowledge and experience. There is a technical and a psychological side of the game. They are both very important. In live games, the knowledge of psychology can play sometimes a more important role than anything else does. Therefore, a player should pay quite a lot of attention to his opponents and try to catch any information useful for him and can increase his chances of winning.
I would like to congratulate Merit Poker on the incredible atmosphere and organization. Thank you for the hospitality and real poker experience.

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