Alexandr Lakhov

lakhovWPT National Merit North Cyprus (June 26th - July 7th, 2014)

I am very happy to become the winner of the Party Poker WPT National Merit Cyprus Main Event. Although a bit tired because we have been playing long hours for the last three days, I am still feeling very satisfied and proud with myself.
I am one of the Russian first-comers, who visit Merit Poker and have been attending various events for more than three years already. Besides, I travelled the world to join different poker events in Europe, America and Asia. However, Merit is different from them all. It is a unique place, where all the conditions are provided for combining a wonderful high-class holiday with the poker playing. One has no worries where to eat, what to do in free times and how to entertain oneself. Everything in Merit Poker is close-at-hand. Besides the incredibly beautiful Mediterranean Sea, which offers the best of relaxation and rest, you virtually do not have to spend anything else – you buy the package – and that is it, whatever you need is included.
I started playing poker about ten years ago.

I did not take any lessons, whatever I learned I did from experience. The ability of analytical thinking is a great asset, if you want to become a good player. In poker, though, it is even more important to develop yourself and your game further. In any other game, if you play, let us say for a year, you can learn it all; it is quite possible, but not in poker. You can learn its mathematics, but not its psychology. The psychology of poker is an infinite domain, where you can improve yourself relentlessly. You learn more about yourself, you learn more about people, which helps not only at the table, but in general too.
We all expect the Aces or Kings, although as a rule, these card combinations make us to lose more often. We trust them more than any other cards and place higher bets, than usual. Therefore, I have to say that my favorite card combination is the one that brings me victory.
Thank you all so much for the wonderful organization and the real poker experience.

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