Andrey Nikonov

andrey nikonovWPT Merit Cyprus Classic'14 (Sep 1st - Sep 11th, 2014)

Congratulations on your win! Would you, please, shortly introduce yourself?
I am 24 years old player from St. Petersburg, Russia. This is my seventh visit to Merit Poker during one year, so as you see, I am a very frequent visitor. Apart from Merit, I have been to various tournaments in Europe, like EPT in Barcelona and Prague; participated in different poker events in Kiev, Minsk and Odessa. I went to Italy, too.

How long have you been playing poker?
I started playing online poker when I was 19. After having gained some experience, I moved on playing live games, too. Now it is like 50/50 – I did not leave the online poker, in fact I enjoy both types. My live poker career began with small poker tournaments held in the nearest to Russia countries.

What was your biggest win during these years?
My biggest wins were first place at the RPT in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2012 and at the WPT Merit Classic in August 2013, where I came third in the Main Event.  This time I have won first place in WPT Super Hold’em and fifth place in Warm Up event of WPT Merit North Cyprus Classic’14.

What is you motivator in poker?
Well, becoming a winner and a holder of award is fine, of course, but my biggest motivator is money.
Otherwise, there is no excitement in the game.

How did you build you bankroll?
I built my bankroll gradually from the money I won. Nobody sponsored or helped me with that – I have managed it myself. You should always play poker within your limits. When you are choosing a poker game, it is best to choose a game that fits within the amount you can afford to spend. This allows you the best chance of protecting your bankroll and maximizing your profits at the same time.

What is essential for a poker player?
It is a difficult question to answer, actually. I would like to say patience, but then, if you watch world poker arenas, a lot of players there jump up and down, screaming and still everything is fine for them. Everything is relative, I suppose.

What do you like about Merit Poker?
Well, there are many things I like here – the atmosphere is friendly and enjoyable. You feel yourself relaxed and at ease. A player can both have a wonderful all-inclusive holiday and play poker. The service is superb and the food is good; the hotel has all the amenities a visitor might need.

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