William Dorey

william doreyWPT Merit Cyprus Classic'14 (Sep 1st - Sep 11th, 2014)

My name is William Dorey. I am 28 and live in London. I have been playing poker for 7 years already. It all started from playing online games and for the last three years, I have been playing live. Live poker is more exciting when you are getting hands but otherwise you have to be very patient, waiting for the right card to come. It is tough to say which of the games is more interesting, perhaps, live but only if you get the right hands, otherwise online has more action in it. The biggest motivator in poker for me is money and competition, equally.
My biggest win during these years, 47K, happened in Merit. It is actually my fifth time here. This is a wonderful place – the poker organization is perfect, the hotel with its beach and pool is very nice, one can have a good holiday here while playing the game. The atmosphere of Merit Poker is very friendly and relaxing. I have quite a few friends here, too.

Being young is probably a disadvantage at the poker table, because players think that you bluff all the time, which is good in certain situations, especially if you have a strong hand.
I consider patience to be the most important for a live poker player; in fact, in Hold'em Poker, patience and discipline as well are real virtues. Just like any skill, patience takes practice so you can eliminate the desire to play every pot, allowing you to wait and watch giving you the control over when to act that benefit you the most.
I did some studying online, watched several tutorials and read articles, but mostly I learnt by talking to my friends, also poker players. We like to discuss and analyze the things that happened at the table and such discussions help a lot.

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