Igor Devkin

igor devkin
WPT Merit Cyprus Classic'14 (Sep 1st - Sep 11th, 2014)

I am very happy to reach the final table of the WPT Merit North Cyprus Classic’14 and winning the 6th place at the event. As you know, I had the shortest stack on the table and was not lucky with hands, so although I have managed to double it up, when the bets raised, the right cards did not come and unfortunately lost all I had and had to leave the final table first. Nevertheless, it is perfect experience for me as a player. Anything can happen in poker - today you lose, tomorrow you will win. I played similar tournaments before, of course, but I have never been into money. That is why I am very pleased with myself this time.
I am 23 years old and have been playing for the last 5 years. I suppose being young helps me at the table. I can concentrate on the game and analyze the situation quicker and more sensibly.

I have been coming to Merit Poker for the last 2 years regularly. I am very pleased with the service and organizational level of Merit Poker events. However, I do not play in tournaments often; I prefer cash games. Beside Merit, I have been to the EPT in Barcelona and Vienne and joined some local poker series in Spain and other European countries. Moreover, I play online, too. As I said before, I am a cash game player and I use the live gaming to travel and visit different places. It is difficult to compare live and online poker – each of them has its own advantages. In live poker, you can use your time to think thoroughly, to analyze your opponents and gather more information about the field. Besides, you have a holiday and can entertain yourself in the free time. In online poker, there is an advantage of great game speed and more hands per hour and there is an option to play more than one table at a time, too. I get excited when playing live games, especially when you have reached certain results in a tournament, like final table for me this time. Although, today I knew that I did not have too much chance because of the shortest stack.
If I had the chance to choose the opponent, I would definitely like to play against Daniel Negreanu or Phil Ivey.

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