Toby Lewis

toby levis
WPT Merit Cyprus Classic'14 (Sep 1st - Sep 11th, 2014)

Would you, please, introduce yourself shortly?
I am 24-years old poker player from London.

In your bio you said that you have started to play poker online and then moved to the live games. Which one do you prefer?
Well, I do not think I really have a preference. I like to play online games for some time and then it is nice to make a shift to the live ones and vice versa; it makes a change to play in turn.

What do you like the most in live poker and in online poker?
There is a lot more action in online poker, you can play many tables at the same time and it has more on the gaming aspect whereas the live poker is more a patience game, more strategic game, you have to get to know your opponents better rather than pay attention to the mathematical side of the strategies.  Live poker has to do a lot with psychology.

Do you get excited while playing online?
Yes, I do, surely.

What was your most successful year since you have started playing poker?
Moneywise, probably it was 2010 but I would like to think that I have learnt many things since then, so hopefully, 2014 will become even more successful for me.

How did you manage to become so famous so young? How did it come to you?
I had a lot of money at my disposal, however now I wish I would not spent as much as I did for different purposes, but I have grown up quite quickly, remembering that there is a lot of money to look after and started investing them quite successfully.

You mostly played in Europe before and then went to Las Vegas. What can you say, comparing these experiences?
Well, I prefer playing in Europe but many people like playing in America. I think you have a more diverse set of people in Europe, players of different nationalities – Russian, Spanish, French, etc. and they bring their own styles to the table, whereas Americans are more or less same in their acting and have similar ways of playing. Therefore, playing in Europe is more interesting for me.

Does being young help you at the table at all?
I think it helps mentally, probably, meaning that as a young player I am stronger mentally, on the other hand, my opponents think that I bluff more often.

How did you build your bankroll? Who taught you the bankroll management?
I think that the money you have, the harder is to do the bankroll management. When I had a small bankroll I was a lot gamblier with it, like in 2010 I afforded to gamble higher percentage of my bankroll than I do now, for example. I learnt the importance of the bankroll management from a few of my friends.

Poker is your full-time job. Does it consume all of your time or do you have any other hobbies?
Yes, poker is my full-time job since I left college. It occupies a major part of my time and travelling takes a lot of time, too. I have a few hobbies and other small investments as well.

Have you been to Merit Poker before? What do you think about it?
No, I have not been here before, this is my first time but I definitely like the place; it is run really well. The only disturbing thing for me is smoke but otherwise everything is superb.

Will you come again?
Yes, sure, this is a beautiful place to play and have a holiday, and hotel is nice as well.

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us. Good luck and enjoy the real poker experience at Merit!

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