Nikolay Tyurin

tyurinMiddle East Tour ( Oct 30th - Nov 10th, 2014 )

Congratulations on your second place in the Main event. When and how did you start playing poker?
My poker career started five years ago. A friend of mine took me to a casino in Moscow to introduce a new game. This new game was Texas Hold’em poker. It was November 2009, I suppose. Then the casinos were not forbidden in Russia and there were many active poker rooms and clubs available for playing. So, once I tried Texas, I have been playing ever since.  Moreover, I liked to play every single card combination out of curiosity. I just wondered what would come out in the end.

Did you study any poker theory?
I read a bit, mostly Harrington, but the more theory you read the more you distance yourself from the real game, that is what I noticed. Then I stopped reading and started paying more attention to practicing and learning different strategic hints during the game.  

How often do you come to Merit Poker?
I have been coming to Merit Poker for three years already and this is my seventh or eighth final table. After my very first visit, I was virtually conquered by Cyprus and in October, exactly three years ago I came to Merit Poker for the first time. The most surprising thing was that I played in the Main Event final on that first visit; I did not win the final but still, it was very pleasant to get there and to be in the money.


You win mostly because of luck or the knowledge, what do you think?
However lucky I might be, sometimes I must rack my brains and think hard, too. A player starts thinking and analyzing from the moment he sits down at the table. He has many things to think about – to watch his opponents, to analyze the moves, to try to guess the hands; poker is not about luck only. You can go on luck until a certain point; no poker player can be successful just by luck. There are some qualities a good player must be aware of – patience and self-possession at the same time, mathematical skills and 100% psychology knowledge. Psychology is essential in poker games; you have to ‘feel’ other players if you want to become successful.

You split the pot, as we know, and played out the $7K. What was the last hand you played?
I had A9 and my opponent had a pair of 4’s. Nothing came on the board, so the pair won.  
Thank you very much for sharing with us. Good luck and enjoy the Real Poker Experience!

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