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Our congratulations on your victory. Was it expected?
Thank you. Every time I sit to play, I expect to win, of course. There is a saying, ‘A soldier who doesn't want to be a general is a bad soldier’. So, I can say that I have expected this victory. But also, in Texas Hold’em, as in any game, except for the technical skills you need luck, too.

How did you start coming to the Merit Poker events?
I have been continuously coming to Merit Poker series for the last two years. I heard about Merit Poker from the online poker community, I cannot tell you exactly who told me first. As I said, I am a frequenter of Merit Poker events and know all the managers and team members here. I am very happy to work with your team.

What in particular do you like here?
I like every Merit Poker event. All poker series here are well-organized; the atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing. I like the field, too. The players, who come to these events are skillful and experienced, which make the competition tense and the game interesting. I have made many friends here and every time I visit Merit in good mood and high spirits. It feels like coming home. As a player I do not see any shortcomings in tournament organization; everything is done professionally.


How many years have you been playing poker?
I have been seriously playing for the last two years. Before that I joined tournaments very seldom; it was more of a hobby. Lately I took the game seriously and the mid 2013 I consider as a starting point for me. I have participated in various RPT and EPT’s; been to Bahamas

What’s your biggest win?
My biggest victory was in the Bahamas tournament. There I have won about $20.000 playing in the Main Event. This was the largest prize I have got in the live game. I play online, too. Last month I was lucky enough to win the PokerStars Sunday Million, approximately $120.000 and feel very happy and proud with myself.

What is more difficult to play – live or online?
I think that these are two different categories. There are more technical aspects to online games; the multi-table tournaments need various skills – attentiveness, speed, coordination. In live tournaments you have to be a good psychologist first of all and live games require somewhat different abilities. But live is much more interesting, that is why I prefer it to online poker.



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