boris yanpolskiy texas poker cupWESTERN TEXAS TOURNAMENT (6th MARCH  - 17th mARCH , 2015)

Please, tell us a bit about your poker career.
My poker career began in 2008 or 2009, I do not remember exactly now, with my son’s help. He introduced to me PokerStars. In those days poker was not forbidden in Russia, and I won my first money while playing tournaments in casino Shangri La. I liked it – the game itself and the opportunity to win make money without working.

But poker is also a work – sometimes boring and rather tiring.
It was later that I understood that poker game is associated with certain difficulties, but in those days I thought that everything was easy and simple; all you had to do was just sit, play and earn money.

Do you have moments when you are tired of the game and feel like leaving the table before it ends?
Yes, of course, it happens sometimes. Every player has a streak of bad luck, when the game goes askew but desire to leave the table lasts for about 10 minutes. In general, if you win something, you have the motivation and mood to proceed. With time you understand that unlucky periods are only a part of the game; all one has to do is just keep calm and wait it to pass. It happens that you make a nice high stack and hope to get the prize, and the next day someone ‘runs you over’ – and you have to start anew. When you run over someone, you do not remember it; when someone does the same to you – it stays in your mind for a long time.


What countries did you visit to play in the poker tournaments?
I travelled a lot, participated in nearly all the ЕРТ series, but for the last two years I have been visiting only North Cyprus and Prague. I like Merit so much and the tournaments here are so frequent that I do not feel any need to go anywhere else. And the EPT in Prague is just a tradition for me.

What tournament of your poker career do you remember the most?
The most memorable poker tournament for me was my first online game in 2010, when no Russian players managed to win in PokerStars Cup. You had to get over three tables there and I managed to make two and played heads up on the third table. The winner’s prize was $100.000 and a bracelet. My opponent and I had even stacks. We went all-in; I had a pair of 8s and he had a pair of 4s. My opponent got another 4 on the turn thus depriving me of the bracelet. Otherwise, I could have become the first Russian, who won the PokerStars Cup.

And now a question to your wife: Venera, tell us please, is it hard to a poker player’s wife?
Venera: To be a poker player’s wife is easy and difficult at the same time. It is hard, for example, if Boris plays online at night. I am not only his supporter in poker, as his wife I worry that he does not sleep and gets tired; the age matters, you see. Otherwise, I support and help him as much as I can; we travel together everywhere. I am his most devoted fan. All you have to do is to love and understand your poker player; then everything will be all right.

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