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seref dursun anar 6 maxWESTERN TEXAS TOURNAMENT (6th MARCH  - 17th mARCH , 2015)

Congratulations on your victory! When did you learn about Merit Poker events?
I have been coming to the Merit Poker events since 2010. When I heard that Merit started organizing poker tournaments in those days, I decided to join. Then I was not a good player, just a beginner. However, after having started, I carried on learning the game and developing the strategies and made significant improvement. After I came to Merit, I went to America three years in a row. I even won a prize in WSOP.

What do you like about Merit Poker?
Merit Poker is a very lucky place for me and I just adore coming here. When there is a tournament here, I never travel anywhere else. It feels like home; players know each other and are the members of one big family. I see my friends; we play together and spend good time here together. To my mind, it is organized in accordance with the standards of the top-quality events; the hotel location, tasty food, experienced staff, good service all add an exceptional value to the atmosphere of Merit Poker. This is just a wonderful place to play and have a holiday.

Which is more important – luck or knowledge?
I believe that in poker the knowledge is more important than chance. I have brought seven books on poker from my trips to America, and all of them say that chance is only 20% of the winning criteria. All the rest belongs to the knowledge and experience. You must do your best to make your game faultless. The fewer mistakes you make, the higher is your chance to sit at the final table.

What do one need to become a successful poker player?
Patience is the main skill a player has to master. He has to wait for the right cards and moment to act; he should not play every hand he was dealt. Then, there is a technical and a psychological side of the game; both are very important. In live games, the knowledge of psychology can play sometimes a more important role than anything else does. Therefore, a player should pay quite a lot of attention to his opponents and try to catch any information useful for him and can increase his chances of winning.

Thank you for the interview and good luck!

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