Bartolomiej Swieboda

bartolomiejWESTERN TEXAS TOURNAMENT (6th MARCH  - 17th mARCH , 2015)

Congratulations on your victory. When did you learn about Merit Poker?
Thank you very much. I am very happy to become a winner. I heard about Merit Poker about three weeks ago from my friends, who came to Merit and played tournaments here before. I decided to come and join this time, because their impressions were the most positive and pleasant.

How do you like it?
I like it very much; now I see that my friends were right to advise me merit Poker events and I am happy to be here. The tournaments are good, I like all these Western decorations and lovely atmosphere; the food and drink service is simply amazing and I feel comfortable and relaxed in Merit Poker room. I do not need to think about anything, except for the game, maybe that is why I managed to win.


Did you expect to become successful straight away?
Well, I always hope that the game goes smoothly and, of course, a player considers victory; it’s the reason and the purpose of his activity. But, surely, I did not expect the first place.

How many years have you been playing poker?
I have been playing poker for seven years. I started from playing cash games, and for the last three years I have been playing tournaments. I do not play live events much, I prefer online poker. This is my first big win in live games.

Is it easier to play online?
It is different from live poker, but I cannot say that it’s easier. Sometimes I play several tables at the same time; you do not have this opportunity in live game. It’s good to play both, actually. It brings versatility.

Will you come again?
Yes, I definitely will. I do not like to travel far from Poland, and Cyprus is just the right place. The organization is very good and the professional level of players, who come here to play in Merit Poker tournaments, is high, so it is interesting to compete against them.

Thank you for the interview and good luck for the future!

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