Shakir Dadabaev

shakir dadabaevWESTERN TEXAS TOURNAMENT (6th MARCH  - 17th mARCH , 2015)

How and when did you learn about Merit Poker?
My friends, who play poker, used to come here regularly. After having heard from them about Merit Poker, I became interested and started coming too.

What do you like the most about Merit Poker? Do you enjoy your staying and playing here?
The organization is highly professional; the quality is also very different from all the places I’ve played up till now. I am definitely sure of playing against professionals here. The Merit Poker’s ambience is beautiful, the service is perfect. From the offered food to the staff everything is first class.

You’ve been playing poker for a long time. Do you still get excited?
In spite of having been playing for such a long time, I still get very excited. I wish I wouldn’t, but I cannot overcome it. My excitement especially mounts towards the end of the game. But without adrenaline, it would not be as enjoyable; excitement is the inseparable part of poker and adds incredible zest to the game.

Which is your favorite starting hand?
Like everyone else, I like the AA combination, of course. The suited connectors have been rather successful, too. The high and strong starting hand is an all-time advantage for every player; for example, I like to start with AK.

How much place do you assign to luck in the game of poker? What do you think is more important, experience or luck?
As for me, experience is definitely more significant. I don’t assign much place to luck. Sure, luck is also important, but not as much as knowledge. To know the mathematics and psychology of the poker game is much more valuable than luck. When you’ve played this game for a long time, you start guessing the opponents’ hands based on their reactions and behavior. At least it is possible to judge if their hand is being stronger or weaker than yours. There are a few occasions, of course, when your guess is wrong, but most of the time your estimations are correct. As it happens, your opponents may behave in certain ways to mislead you, but for an experienced player these are telltale signs – they explain the opponent even more and make it easier to guess his hand. But I have never guessed my own cards. I have tried it last time but failed; I think it is impossible to guess your hole cards

Would you like to add anything else?
I just love to participate and play in Merit Poker. Everything is set up so perfectly, that there is time to have a holiday and play our favorite game altogether. I sincerely congratulate Merit Poker on such a successful organization. This is the place I tell my close contacts about and recommend to visit.

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us and good luck!

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