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ladies teamPlease, meet the most beautiful players, the real poker sharks, who have already proved many times that poker is not a "men only game" – Team Ladies Poker Big Roger’s Hairabedian!

Merit Poker: How many years have you been playing poker?
Vichy: I have been playing Texas Hold’em for 4 years.
Doudou and Giulia: We have been playing for six years already. And Jackie has been managing our team - she found us, called and organized the ladies’ team. She is the Boss.
Cecile: And I have been playing for two years. I am a baby poker player.
Merit Poker: How did you start playing the game? Did you meet each other before?
Vichy: I started playing Texas Hold’em in Italy with my friends. They were saying “Vichy, let’s play poker with us”. And I was like “What is poker? How is it played? What are the rules?” and so on. I was really curious to learn all of it.
Cecile: I started playing just for fun. I won once, twice and then I thought “Wow, what is this game that I can win over and over again?” So, I learned the game and loved it even more.

Doudou: Same with me – it all began with playing poker with my friends. We met in the team.
Giulia: All my family played Chinese Poker, which is very different from Texas Hold’em. There should be four players; each one is dealt 13 cards. Each player must divide their 13 cards into a "back" hand of 5 cards, a "middle" hand of 5 cards and a "front" hand of 3 cards. It is very complicated and different from Texas Hold’em. So, once I went to play Texas Hold’em with my friends and I liked it so much that I decided to carry on. For me, it is a better game than Chinese Poker.
Merit Poker: What is the name of your team?
Giulia: We are the Team Ladies Big-Roger's Harabedian.
Merit Poker: How many countries did your team visit to play poker tournaments?
Doudou and Vichy: Well, we visited many countries around the world like France, Montenegro, Morocco, Madagascar and so on, and Merit Casino in Cyprus, of course.
Merit Poker: Which one is your favorite place to play poker?
Giulia, Vichy and Doudou: For us Cyprus is the best. We just love to come and play in Merit Poker tournaments. Everyone is so nice and friendly here, the hotel is beautiful and the service is perfect - the most pleasant atmosphere for any poker player.
Merit Poker: Is it difficult to be a woman poker player?
Giulia, Vichy and Doudou: No, not difficult at all, we have to say just the opposite – all men players are so nice and polite with us; they respect women players. It is very interesting and enjoyable to play against men at the poker table.
Giulia: Playing with a woman should be very difficult for a man – he can never know what a woman might do another second; we are unpredictable. Doudou and I, we do not like to play against other women. Many of them are amateurs and do not really know how to play, so the game becomes boring and we do not enjoy this sort of games.
Merit Poker: Did any of you take poker lessons? How did you learn?
Cecile: I think that the best way to learn the game of poker is to play it. Then you can pick up the hints, learn from your and other’s mistakes and get all the necessary experience.
Vichy and Doudou: The best way to learn is to practice the game.
Jacky: They are real poker sharks, believe me.
Giulia: I learnt many technical sides of poker from my boss while working as a dealer.
Merit Poker: What would be your message to Merit Poker?
Jackie, Giulia, Doudou, Vichy and Cecile: Merci beaucoup, thank you very much for everything. This is a very beautiful place, our favorite – nice staff, good players around, lots of fun and very enjoyable. Here we played Irish Poker for the first time and it was fun, too. We shall definitely come again and again.
Merit Poker: Thank you very much for your interview. It is a great pleasure to see beautiful women who are experienced and successful poker players. Merit Poker is waiting to see you all at our Western Poker Tournament on March 9-18.

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