Azamat Astanov

astanovWinter fest'15 (8th january - 19th january, 2015)

How many years have you been playing Texas Hold’em?
I began playing Texas Hold’em two years ago by myself first and then I was introduced to other poker players, who took me to the first poker event. I lost on the first day but slowly got to know my opponents and started winning. I learned the game by regular practice; I did not take any poker lessons or coaching. I believe that practice makes perfect.

What other types of poker do you play?
Sometimes I play Omaha, very seldom though. Texas Hold’em is my favorite.

Is it your first visit to Merit Poker?
My friends, who played in the events before, told me about Texas Hold’em tournaments of Merit Poker. I came here once with my other friend for the WPT in September 2014. So, this is my second time and I would like to say that this place is marvelous. I enjoy playing and staying in Merit. This time the weather was bad – this is my only complaint. Otherwise, the staff, services and food are super. The field is very friendly, just like one big family.

Do you consider yourself lucky?
Sometimes I am, sometimes I am not – as it always is. In some situations, my knowledge helps me more than anything else does.

What other countries did you visit to play in the poker tournaments?
I have been to Almaty and Astana in Kazakhstan, twice in Kyiv, Ukraine and here, North Cyprus. I am still new and did not travel too much. I have dreams and plans, but prefer to keep them to myself. You will definitely hear after I have achieved them.

What skill is essential for a poker player?
A poker player must not show his weaknesses at the table; nobody should be able to understand his concerns, fears and hesitations. Luck is very important in poker. I have been playing for 6 hours without any results at all – I reduced my stack from 30K to 14K, the hands I was dealt were unusable. However, when luck suddenly struck – my stack grew to 140K just in an hour or so. Therefore, skills or no skills – luck decides it all.

Thank you for the interview. We wish you success!

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