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dmitriy gromovWinter fest'15 (8th january - 19th january, 2015)

Merit Poker: Congratulations on your victory! This was a good start of your new poker year 2015. What do you think?
Yes, it is the good beginning but the Main Event is ahead so nothing is definite yet. I am happy with my victory, of course and hope that it will give a kick to more.

Merit Poker: What tournament did you visit last in the 2014?
I played in Prague but with no success, I am afraid.

Merit Poker: How was your last poker year?
Quite good, I suppose. Although I did not become the first in the WPT Merit Cyprus Classic'14 Main Event here in September but I consider my second place a decent achievement in my poker career.

Merit Poker: But you wished you were the first last time we spoke, did not you?
Well, sure, but something you want does not always come to you. And it’s good, you have to work on the further improvement, develop your game skills even more to reach the desirable.

Merit Poker: Who did you want to see in the heads-up battle?
I would have liked to have my friend Garik as my heads-up opponent. Obviously, we would’ve split the pot but it was going to be nice anyway.

Merit Poker: What plans do you have for this year?
I plan to travel and play the tournaments as much as I possibly can. And not to forget Cyprus, of course.

Merit Poker: What was your last winning hand you on the final table?
I had Q3 and my opponent had J4, my Queen being the high card won me that hand.

Merit Poker: Thank you very much for the interview and hope we shall have another one after the Main Event. Enjoy the game!

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