Dmitriy Nemirovskiy

dmitriy nemirovskiy
Winter fest'15 (8th january - 19th january, 2015)

Congratulations on your great success! It was a long and tough competition, are you happy?
Thank you. Yes, it was a long way to come and I am incredibly happy and pleased with myself. This is my first victory in the Main Event and I am satisfied with the results.

How long have you been playing Texas Hold’em?
I have been in the game for eight-nine years already. I started playing with my friends in casinos in Moscow first, and after gaining certain skills and game knowledge, I moved further on.

What countries have you visited to participate in poker events?
I have travelled a lot, practically all over the world. I have been to America, to various EPT events, to Ukraine when they had poker events organized in Kyiv. I played in Moscow, and came to Merit Poker many times.

And what was your biggest win until now?
Although this is my first Main Event victory, it is not my biggest money prize that I have won. In 2012, I got over $180K in Las Vegas, taking the third place in one of the events.

How did you start coming to Merit Poker events?
Someone told me about Merit poker tournaments, I do not remember exactly who that was. I came to try and have been coming here since. This is my eighth time and I really like it. As for me, Merit Poker is the best in providing all the necessary conditions for a poker player to enjoy the game and the holiday at the same time. There is always a chance to have a snack or a drink during the tournament, the restaurant offers incredibly tasty food and good service; a player, if time permits, can entertain himself and his family or friends, choosing any of the hotel’s facilities and services. The atmosphere of Merit Poker is very relaxing and enjoyable.

What is the most necessary game attribute for any poker player?
Only luck and nothing else! I believe that luck is the most important condition in becoming a winner. You can acquire everything else with time – the skills, the knowledge, the abilities and tactics, you name it; but luck is different – you cannot learn it, you cannot find it, you cannot buy it – you are either lucky or not.

We wish you all the best for the future and hope to see you again at Merit Poker events!

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