Marat Ermeev

med marat ermeevMediterranean poker cup (1st May - 11th may, 2015)

Where from did you learn about Merit Poker Tournaments?
I learned about Merit Poker from my friends, who used to come and play here. They are frequenters of poker tournaments, so I joined them and started coming here too. I’ve been coming for different Merit Poker events during the past year.

How do you like it? Do you enjoy staying and playing here?
I should say that I really enjoy both staying and playing here. The quality of Merit Poker organization is much higher in comparison with other places I’ve been before to play. It’s just amazing. It’s not only my opinion, my friends think so too. Here we have a great chance to combine poker playing with a good holiday. Although sometimes we do not have a lot of time to spend elsewhere because of the game, we still use all our chances to enjoy the sea and the weather. It’s impossible not to rest here.

Do you feel excited while playing?
Yes, of course I do, the adrenaline level is always high during the game. But I shall keep it a secret, when exactly I feel very excited. Most people who play the game regularly know that it can be a pretty boring and long wait before any excitement shows up.

What features are the most important for a poker player?
As for me, the most important thing for a player is to know his outs. My game is based on my experience and observations, plus intuition, which is essential for a player. It does you no good to learn correct poker strategy if you won’t use that knowledge when it counts.

Did you learn to play poker yourself or did you take lessons?
I learned playing by myself and never took any lessons. I am not a professionally - trained poker player; this is my hobby - I play to enjoy.

And how long have you been playing?
I’ve been playing poker for nearly six years now.

Is there anything you would you like to add?
I’d like to congratulate Merit Poker on the quality of organization, where everything is in the right place, at the right time: the food is tasty, the staff is efficient and the service is perfect.

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