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med krzysztof czerwinskiMediterranean poker cup (1st May - 11th may, 2015)

My name is Krzysztof Czerwinski; I am a player from Poland. I learned about Merit Poker events from one of my friends, who came here before and advised me to visit Cyprus.

How long have you been playing poker?
It’s been around ten years. I started by playing online, which remained my priority for the first five years or so, and then I started playing both online and live tournaments. Currently, I have been playing only live games.
Which tournaments did you play?
The EPTs were the biggest events I have ever played, although without any success. Otherwise, I played poker all over Europe, winning a couple of events. My biggest prize was around €60.000.

What qualities a poker player must possess to succeed?
A serious poker player should be disciplined, have a lot of patience and perseverance. Learning skills are very important, too. A player must work on his mindset, which helps to overcome difficult times in poker career. Mastering your poker mindset takes hard work. Thinking poorly yields a result of playing poorly. The mind is a powerful manifesting tool.


How important is bluffing?
Bluffing is an indispensable part of poker; it’s always been there and it must be there. It’s the one part of poker strategy. It should be tr
ained and mastered as any other poker skill, although I must tell that it’s better not to overuse it. You need to pick the right opponents to bluff against, because f you bet and he folds – your bluff works and you win the hand. If you bet and he calls your bluff fails.

Did you play heads-up?
We did, actually but after the blinds have gone really high, we decided to split the pot and made an agreement. I came first in the chip count, so we did not play that last hand.

What are your impressions about Merit Poker?
I liked it; the organization is pretty good. The hotel is great; the atmosphere in the poker room is very relaxing. The people are very nice and friendly. I shall definitely come again.

Thank you and good luck!

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