Andrey Golubev

golubevWPT National Merit North Cyprus (June 26th - July 7th, 2014)

I learned about Merit Poker last year from my friend, who used to come and play here. This is my first visit. I should say that I really enjoy both staying and playing here. The quality of Merit Poker organization is much higher in comparison with other places I have been before to play. It is just amazing. Here we have a great chance to combine poker playing with a good holiday. Although sometimes we do not have a lot of time to spend elsewhere because of the game, we still use all our chances to enjoy the sea and the weather. It is impossible not to rest here.

The most important thing for a player is to have some analytical skills and mathematical knowledge, combined with experience and observations, plus intuition, which is essential for a player. It does you no good to learn correct poker strategy if you will not use that knowledge when it counts. Although to my mind, the most important of all is luck. I have been playing poker for nearly seven years now. As it usually happens, I started playing with my friends; then carried on playing poker in casinos. When the Texas Hold’em poker became popular, I switched from casinos to poker tournaments. The reason for this was that I prefer to compete against people, which is much more interesting than playing against casino. I learned playing by myself and never took any lessons. I am not a professionally – trained poker player; this is my hobby – I play to enjoy. Up until now, my best result was the fifth place in Eurasian Poker Tour, held in Kazakhstan Poker Championship, Astana.
I visited different places and joined various poker events in Kazakhstan, which is my native country; I have been to Deauville, Monte Carlo and Montenegro, too. When comparing the places I have visited and Merit Poker, I should say that the quality of organization and comfort of Merit is much better; here everything is in the right place, at the right time: the food is tasty, the staff is efficient and the service is perfect. Here is the right place to combine a great holiday with the real poker experience.

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