Alexandr Lakhov

lakhow3Middle East Tour ( Oct 30th - Nov 10th, 2014 )

Congratulations on your victory! What do you feel?
I am incredibly happy and satisfied with myself. To win the first place is always important for a player, especially if the opponents are very good.

We know that you are a great fan of Merit Poker. Can you tell us why?
Yes, you are right, I just love it here. As soon as I discovered Merit Poker, I have been visiting Cyprus to join various poker events held in Crystal Cove. This is an incredible place – we are just like one big family, where everyone is friendly and charming. I have to say that Merit Poker is a unique place, too. A player has no worries here – where to eat, where to enjoy, how to spend his free time – everything is just right at his fingertips. We can meet with friends to discuss the events, we can watch football or play billiards – you name it. What else can a poker player wish? Nowhere else in Europe, you can find the opportunity to get everything, absolutely everything included in a package!


How did you start your poker career?
It all began long time ago, I even cannot say when exactly, but more than 10 years ago. My close friends know that I was fond of card games in my youth. I visited a casino in St. Petersburg, saw people playing and decided to try. Poker became my favorite game; I became interested in improving my skills and learning the tips. Although I did not take any special lessons and was losing more than I was winning at the beginning, my perseverance and passion helped me to reach the top.

Describe your style, please, are you an aggressive player or just the opposite?
I should say that there are no just aggressive or just passive players in poker. A good player should watch the field and behave according to his strategies, depending on his opponents. I cannot judge my game from the point of aggressiveness.

Thank you very much for the interview and congratulation on your victory!

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