Makram Saber

saberMiddle East Tour ( Oct 30th - Nov 10th, 2014 )

Congratulations on your victory! Would you, please tell us about yourself? How long have you been playing poker?
I have been playing poker for five years exactly. I started playing the 5-card poker first and then I was introduced to Texas Hold’em. Everything began with small tournaments, but now I am retired and travel everywhere to join various poker events. This is my favorite hobby, which I do to enjoy, not to earn money.

How did you learn Texas Hold’em? Did you take any lessons?
Well, as I said I used to play poker and Texas Hold’em is very much the same. Once you know the strategies and peculiarities of poker, it is easy to learn another type of it. I just played with my friends first to get the practice; that is all.

When did you start coming here, to Merit Poker?
I have discovered Merit Poker in 2009, and have been coming here to play in the events since. I like it very much; it feels like home. The staff is very efficient and friendly and the President of Merit Poker, Ms. Songul welcomes us with all the warmth and most of the Lebanese players feel very comfortable here.


Where else in the world did you play?
I played in Vienna, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Beirut – all tournaments; I do not play cash games at all. I have never played online poker either; live games are my favorite.

What was your biggest victory until now?
It happened here in 2011, when I won the Merit Poker Main event and got around $90K. Another big win I had in Vegas. There were 1286 players participating in the event. The prize I got was $57K. However, until today, I have won many small tournaments, like in Vienna and Barcelona, when I became first but the prizes were not that impressive.

What was your last hand, the one that has brought you the victory?
AJ that I hit on the river has won me the event. My opponent tried to push me out but I called him – and won. The other time I had pocket QQ that crushed my opponent’s KK. This happened in Barcelona; and in Vienna, I won the tournament with J10.

What qualities should a player possess to succeed?
Well, a good poker player should be very patient and psychologically stable. He must not get upset easily, especially when the game is lost. I understand that it is difficult to achieve if a player earns his living from poker, but still he should remain optimistic and enjoy the game, whatever happens. For me poker is a favorite hobby, which I enjoy tremendously.
Thank you very much for the interview and the best of luck for the future!

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