Gabriel Schoucair

schoucairMiddle East Tour ( Oct 30th - Nov 10th, 2014 )

Congratulations on your victory! Would you, please tell us about yourself.
My name is Gabriel Schoucair, I am twenty-six years old and my every trip is to Cyprus, to play Texas Hold’em in Merit. I have been playing poker just for 3-4 years but consider myself as a successful player.  I studied business management and graduated three years ago.

Did you take any poker lessons?
No, I did not take any lessons but I read a couple of books on poker and practiced; I play too much.  Although I play online poker too, it is not my favorite. I prefer the live game, cash game and tournaments. You can get bored easily online; it is too automatic, at least for me.

You have been very successful with Warm Up events. Is it the kind of luck you have, or is it a coincidence?
Well, I do not know what it is but definitely not luck. I just play a lot. I wish I won the Main Event. Last four tournaments in a row I played here in Merit Poker, I have won Warm Ups, it just happened this way.


Where else did you play?
I played in France, but I prefer to come here, to Merit.

Why do you prefer Merit Poker?
It is very good and convenient to come, especially for the Lebanese players. The hotel is nice, the food is tasty and the atmosphere is very warm and welcoming. We are like one big family; everybody is so friendly and nice to talk. Merit Poker is my favorite place for playing poker.

What was your biggest win until now?
My largest prize was 60K in the tournament I played here. There were four players left at the final table and we made a deal. When I started playing poker, my biggest motivator was money, of course, but now I am more oriented on showing good results in the tournaments. Money is the main purpose for me, surely, as for everybody else, who plays poker. However winning with fewer mistakes and developing my skills further is also very important.

What was the hand that has brought you victory?
I had K 9 against 9 3, I was dominating my opponent; I went preflop all-in and won.

What is your biggest dream in poker? Do you have one?
Yes, of course I dream of winning a major WPT or WSOP event. It would be great to get that really big money prize. They go on for three-four days, same as Main event here, and the starting chips is 30K. In Merit Poker tournaments, I played with very tough players so, I think I could do the WPT or WSOP, too. All you need is just a bit of luck and it does not matter much then whether you play the Warm Up event or the major WSOP.
Thank you very much for the interview and good luck for the future!

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