WPT National Merit North Cyprus 2014

Alexander Kostylev

kostylevWPT National Merit North Cyprus (June 26th - July 7th, 2014)

I am a frequent visitor of Merit Poker events. I learned about it two years ago from my friends who told me about Merit Poker series. I found the website, read all the details, booked a hotel room and came here. I like it very much; it is great to be here. The tournament organization structure is very good and this is a beautiful place to visit. You can play poker and find some time to go to the beach, too. The events are well organized and set according to the highest standards; the staff is competent, the atmosphere of Merit Poker is friendly and very relaxing. I enjoy every single bit of my staying and playing here.

Alexandr Lakhov

lakhovWPT National Merit North Cyprus (June 26th - July 7th, 2014)

I am very happy to become the winner of the Party Poker WPT National Merit Cyprus Main Event. Although a bit tired because we have been playing long hours for the last three days, I am still feeling very satisfied and proud with myself.
I am one of the Russian first-comers, who visit Merit Poker and have been attending various events for more than three years already. Besides, I travelled the world to join different poker events in Europe, America and Asia. However, Merit is different from them all. It is a unique place, where all the conditions are provided for combining a wonderful high-class holiday with the poker playing. One has no worries where to eat, what to do in free times and how to entertain oneself. Everything in Merit Poker is close-at-hand. Besides the incredibly beautiful Mediterranean Sea, which offers the best of relaxation and rest, you virtually do not have to spend anything else – you buy the package – and that is it, whatever you need is included.
I started playing poker about ten years ago.

Andrejs Perederejevs

perederejevsWPT National Merit North Cyprus (June 26th - July 7th, 2014)

I heard about Merit Poker long time ago; my Ukrainian friend, who frequently comes here to play, Ivan Sheptitskiy told me about Merit Poker events. I like to combine holiday with poker playing and decided to come and try for myself, so this is my first time here and it is just super! The hotel is nice, the place is beautiful. A great atmosphere, the staff is very efficient and the field is friendly – Merit Poker is really the right place to come and play the game. In spite of my first time in Merit Poker, I showed good results. Although I must say, that as a maximalist, I shall always try to reach higher and better results in poker. You have to improve yourself constantly, which is one of the main conditions of becoming a real master of the poker game. You need patience also. Sometimes you have to sit a bit waiting for the right card to come. Then perseverance – you must keep cool and carry on, otherwise you just lose control first over yourself and then you lose control over your game. Once you become all worked up, it is very hard to return to the state of mental balance, which is crucial in poker.

Andrey Golubev

golubevWPT National Merit North Cyprus (June 26th - July 7th, 2014)

I learned about Merit Poker last year from my friend, who used to come and play here. This is my first visit. I should say that I really enjoy both staying and playing here. The quality of Merit Poker organization is much higher in comparison with other places I have been before to play. It is just amazing. Here we have a great chance to combine poker playing with a good holiday. Although sometimes we do not have a lot of time to spend elsewhere because of the game, we still use all our chances to enjoy the sea and the weather. It is impossible not to rest here.

Ercan Olgun

olgunWPT National Merit North Cyprus (June 26th - July 7th, 2014)

I am 32 years old; I was born in Konya, Turkey. I am living in Latvia with my wife and baby-daughter. For the last 4-5 years, I have been visiting Cyprus to play in Merit Poker events. I learnt about it from the internet, won a package on the website and came here. I have been playing poker for 12 years. All started with playing together with my University friends. To be more exact, I saw them playing and the game seemed very interesting to me, so I decided to learn the game and join them. That is how it has begun. Later I started going to different places; I have been to nearly all European countries, where the poker events are held, and Las Vegas. I play both, online and live and should say that I have performed very successfully in both. I have one a couple of Main Events in Merit Poker, too. I was very close to success in WSOP 10000K No Limit Hold’em event in 2012. I lost a big pot then and came 289th.

Seref Dursun Anar

seref dursun anarWPT National Merit North Cyprus (June 26th - July 7th, 2014)

I have been coming to the Merit Poker events since 2010. When I heard that Merit started organizing poker tournaments in those days, I decided to join. Then I was not a good player, just a beginner. However, after having started, I carried on learning the game and developing the strategies and made significant improvement. For three years, I attended different events in America and even won a prize in WSOP. Until now, the highest of my achievements was the 5th place in the main event, so I am very proud to win the second place in the Partypoker WPT National Merit Cyprus Main Event this time.