Ercan Airport

Ercan International Airport
There are frequent scheduled and charter flights out of England and other European countries to North Cyprus.
More than 90 flights per week arrive at North Cyprus airport Ercan during the summer.
There are 20 flights from three airports of London: Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted. Most of them arrive in the evening.
North Cyprus has direct air links only with Turkey, where all planes from Europe must touch down first. From Turkey, you can choose any of the scheduled flights from Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Adana and Antalya. From the moment you step off the plane, the relaxed atmosphere of North Cyprus invites you to leave the stresses and strains of everyday life behind.

Flight Information
For information on all flights in and out of Ercan Airport, please contact:
Tel: +90 392 231 4806

Airline Companies
There are two airlines, which have scheduled flights to Northern Cyprus. These airlines provide regular daily flights to Ercan from UK, Turkey and Germany.

Passport & Visa Requirements
The citizens of European Union (EU), Azerbaijan, Turkey, USA, Canada, Mexico, Iceland, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, Norway, Israel, Azerbaijan, Australia and New Zealand do not require visa.
All other nationals should check their position with regard to passports and visas with the nearest Embassy or Office of Representative of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
Visitors, who do not wish to have their passports stamped by the authorities on arrival in North Cyprus, may request a stamped visa form which is loosely inserted into the passport and removed on departure.
For further information about North Cyprus and regarding visa requirements, please contact the nearest North Cyprus Embassy or Representative Office abroad.

Duty Free Regulations
Each adult is permitted to bring 400 cigarettes, 500gr tobacco or 50 cigars, 1 litre of wine or spirits and up to 100cl of perfume. Duty-free shops can be found at Ercan Airport and the sea ports.

Bringing Pets Into The Country
Pets can be brought into the country from Europe with little hassle. The Ministry of Agriculture requires a certificate from a European vet, stating that your animal is free of major diseases. Quarantine is approximately 4 weeks at the Nicosia kennels.

Larnaca International Airport

Most visitors to South Cyprus arrive by air and many of them come on charter flights. Larnaca Airport has recently undergone a major facelift and is Cyprus’s main international airport. Larnaca airport is only 8km from Larnaca town in the South - East corner of the island not far from Ayia Napa. There are scheduled flights and a limited amount of charter-only flights to Cyprus from most European cities and the Middle East, with discounts for students. Flights are heavily booked in the high season. Book as early as possible and you can find some great cheap flights to Cyprus. Budget travel is much cheaper than it used to be and you can book flights online. Airlines are offering many deals and with over 40 airlines operating scheduled flights to Cyprus, getting here is easy.
The official airline of the Republic of Cyprus is Cyprus Airways and they operate flights all over the world.

Travelling from one part of the island to the other
Travelling between the South and North is easy nowadays, since the restrictions on crossing the border have been eased. However, you are only allowed to cross at designated checkpoints. You will need a valid passport to enter Cyprus (North or South), and you will need one to cross between the North and South. In both the Republic of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus, nationals of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore can enter and stay for up to three months without a visa. Citizens of South Africa may enter for up to 30 days without a visa. EU citizens have no work or stay restrictions in the South, but can stay in the North for up to three months. When you are crossing from the South into the North, you must fill in a visa paper, which requires your personal details, such as name and date of birth, and your passport number.
You can use the same visa paper for several entries and exits, and it gets stamped each time you cross. You must have your passport to cross from one side to the other. The same border-crossing rules apply for Greek and Turkish travellers as for everyone else.

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