Bobbi G

med bobbi gMediterranean poker cup (1st May - 11th may, 2015)

Tell us, please when did your poker career start?
I started playing in 1977 while being a student of one of the Moscow Universities. We played 5-card draw then. The 5-card draw barely resembles modern poker, but the rules and principles of the game are similar. Students in those days played mostly Preferance, but poker started gaining attention, too. Later, in 1984 I learned the 5-card stud game and played it for some years. So, obviously my poker career did not begin with Texas Hold’em. I got introduced to Hold’em for the first time in Dublin in 1989 at the Irish Open, a famous tournament I have been attending since. It is one of my favorites; I have participated in it 15 times already. Irish Open was the first European NLH tournament ever and it is still joined by the old-school players. Unfortunately, I have not succeeded considerably in Irish Open until today, although I won a couple of cash games. Usually, it was third, fifth etc. place in side events.

How long have you been coming to Merit Poker?
I started coming here 9 years ago. Mr. Cevdet, my friend and Merit Poker coordinator, needed some assistance on organizing first Merit Poker events, so I helped as much as I could and have not missed even one single tournament since then. This is my second home, it always feels like it.

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Roland Meissl

med bobbi g

Where did you learn about Merit Poker tournament series? 

I heard about it from a friend of mine, who came here last autumn. We joined the Winter Fest in January and came together for the Mediterranean Poker Cup, so this is my second time here.

Do you like it? 

Yes, I like it very much; it’s great to be here. The tournament organization structure is very good and this is a beautiful place to visit. You can play poker and find some time to go to the beach. The only complaint I have is that the weather is bad and we do not see too much sun, although the first couple of days were simply amazing.

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Krzysztof Czerwinski

med krzysztof czerwinskiMediterranean poker cup (1st May - 11th may, 2015)

My name is Krzysztof Czerwinski; I am a player from Poland. I learned about Merit Poker events from one of my friends, who came here before and advised me to visit Cyprus.

How long have you been playing poker?
It’s been around ten years. I started by playing online, which remained my priority for the first five years or so, and then I started playing both online and live tournaments. Currently, I have been playing only live games.
Which tournaments did you play?
The EPTs were the biggest events I have ever played, although without any success. Otherwise, I played poker all over Europe, winning a couple of events. My biggest prize was around €60.000.

What qualities a poker player must possess to succeed?
A serious poker player should be disciplined, have a lot of patience and perseverance. Learning skills are very important, too. A player must work on his mindset, which helps to overcome difficult times in poker career. Mastering your poker mindset takes hard work. Thinking poorly yields a result of playing poorly. The mind is a powerful manifesting tool.

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Orhan Ates

orhan atesMediterranean poker cup (1st May - 11th may, 2015)

Congratulations on your victory! Did you expect to win the first place or did come by surprise?
Thank you very much. I have been waiting for it, of course. A player should always expect to win otherwise there is no motivation to play.

How long have you been coming to the Merit Poker events?
I have been playing here for the last 3-4 years. I had a two-year break and this is my first tournament after the break. My friends were coming here constantly and told me about Merit Poker. I started playing Texas Hold’em about ten years ago. As it often happens, we started playing at the University. The friends were coming together to spend some time enjoying the game. Apart from Hold’em, we used to play Turkish variety of poker and Omaha.

Do you play online?
I used to play online poker before, but gave it up. Playing live games is more interesting and fun. I just love to be here – I do not consider going to play elsewhere. Merit Poker staff, atmosphere and services are very good. Here a player has nothing to worry about; it is organized in such a way, that everything is just at your fingertips. All you have to do is to play the game and concentrate on it.

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Marat Ermeev

med marat ermeevMediterranean poker cup (1st May - 11th may, 2015)

Where from did you learn about Merit Poker Tournaments?
I learned about Merit Poker from my friends, who used to come and play here. They are frequenters of poker tournaments, so I joined them and started coming here too. I’ve been coming for different Merit Poker events during the past year.

How do you like it? Do you enjoy staying and playing here?
I should say that I really enjoy both staying and playing here. The quality of Merit Poker organization is much higher in comparison with other places I’ve been before to play. It’s just amazing. It’s not only my opinion, my friends think so too. Here we have a great chance to combine poker playing with a good holiday. Although sometimes we do not have a lot of time to spend elsewhere because of the game, we still use all our chances to enjoy the sea and the weather. It’s impossible not to rest here.

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