Mykola Chornyi

mykola chornyiWinter fest'15 (8th january - 19th january, 2015)

You became the winner of the Irish Poker event held during Merit Poker Winter Fest’15, congratulations. Have you ever played Irish poker before?
No, I have never played this kind of poker in my life. I suppose, I was just very lucky to take the first place. I liked this game though; it’s a sort of mixture of Omaha and Texas Hold’em – quite enjoyable. I play both games so it was not difficult for me to understand the rules of play and even more – to win it.

What are your favorite games?
I have just one favorite game – Texas Hold’em, however I play all the poker varieties from time to time.

How many years have you been playing?
My gaming career began about ten years ago. Everything started from playing with friends and in casinos. I have read a trilogy on poker, where I have learned its combinations, tricks and tips and everything else I have learned through practice. I was lucky straight away. A friend of mine invited me to his poker room opening and there I have won $5.000 at my first try, even before I started reading or learning something about Texas Hold’em.

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or suliman
Winter fest'15 (8th january - 19th january , 2015)

Congratulations! When and how did you start playing Texas Hold’em poker?
I have been playing for eight years already and everything started from playing poker at home with my friends. This is the sort of entertainment, which served as a start to the poker career of many poker players.

How did you proceed with your playing? Did you take any lessons?
My good friend, Idan was my first Texas Hold’em teacher. I learned the rules and basics from him; all the rest came with practice.

Did you participate in Merit Poker tournaments before?
No, I did not come to Merit before; this is my first visit. By the way, Idan told me about your events and brought me here.

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Vladimir Kim

Winter fest'15 (8th january  - 19th january , 2015)

vladimir kimCongratulations on your victory. Where are you from and when did you start coming to Merit Poker events?
I am from Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan. I have been coming here for the last 6-7 months and it is my fifth time here. I have just started to play abroad and Cyprus is the first country I came to participate in the poker tournaments.

What are your impressions?
I like it here – good food, entertaining and relaxing atmosphere, nice hotel. Actually, Merit is a right place to have a holiday and to play poker at the same time. Everything is set to provide the best playing environment, so the players have no worries where to stay, what to eat and how to relax in their free time.

What are your results? Are you happy with them?
Unfortunately, I had no victories until this event and here I was just luckier than my opponents were. However, this game is new for me; I am a Texas Holde’em beginner and use these events to learn the game. I am a cash game player and started playing in the tournaments just recently. I learned about Merit Poker tournaments from my friends, who came to play here and advised me to do so.

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Shakir Dadabaev

shakir dadabaevWESTERN TEXAS TOURNAMENT (6th MARCH  - 17th mARCH , 2015)

How and when did you learn about Merit Poker?
My friends, who play poker, used to come here regularly. After having heard from them about Merit Poker, I became interested and started coming too.

What do you like the most about Merit Poker? Do you enjoy your staying and playing here?
The organization is highly professional; the quality is also very different from all the places I’ve played up till now. I am definitely sure of playing against professionals here. The Merit Poker’s ambience is beautiful, the service is perfect. From the offered food to the staff everything is first class.

You’ve been playing poker for a long time. Do you still get excited?
In spite of having been playing for such a long time, I still get very excited. I wish I wouldn’t, but I cannot overcome it. My excitement especially mounts towards the end of the game. But without adrenaline, it would not be as enjoyable; excitement is the inseparable part of poker and adds incredible zest to the game.

Which is your favorite starting hand?
Like everyone else, I like the AA combination, of course. The suited connectors have been rather successful, too. The high and strong starting hand is an all-time advantage for every player; for example, I like to start with AK.

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Bartolomiej Swieboda

bartolomiejWESTERN TEXAS TOURNAMENT (6th MARCH  - 17th mARCH , 2015)

Congratulations on your victory. When did you learn about Merit Poker?
Thank you very much. I am very happy to become a winner. I heard about Merit Poker about three weeks ago from my friends, who came to Merit and played tournaments here before. I decided to come and join this time, because their impressions were the most positive and pleasant.

How do you like it?
I like it very much; now I see that my friends were right to advise me merit Poker events and I am happy to be here. The tournaments are good, I like all these Western decorations and lovely atmosphere; the food and drink service is simply amazing and I feel comfortable and relaxed in Merit Poker room. I do not need to think about anything, except for the game, maybe that is why I managed to win.

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