Dimitry Gromov

dimitry gromovWPT Merit Cyprus Classic'14 (Sep 1st - Sep 11th, 2014)

Our congratulations on your second place in WPT Merit North Cyprus Classic’14 Main Event! Would you, please, share your feelings with our readers?
Well, I am both happy and disappointed on winning the second place in the main event, it is normal reaction, I suppose. It was a tough game, several days of struggle left behind before I reached the final table, where I have lost with AA hand against AJ! This is an incredible misfortune.

How many times have you participated in Merit Poker events?
I started coming here from the beginning of the last year. This is my first visit this year, but ninth or even tenth time in total. My friends told me about this place, and I decided to play here too. As you can see, I really like it here. Merit Poker is run well, the service is perfect and in general, this is a beautiful place to have a holiday. All in one, so to speak.

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Toby Lewis

toby levis
WPT Merit Cyprus Classic'14 (Sep 1st - Sep 11th, 2014)

Would you, please, introduce yourself shortly?
I am 24-years old poker player from London.

In your bio you said that you have started to play poker online and then moved to the live games. Which one do you prefer?
Well, I do not think I really have a preference. I like to play online games for some time and then it is nice to make a shift to the live ones and vice versa; it makes a change to play in turn.

What do you like the most in live poker and in online poker?
There is a lot more action in online poker, you can play many tables at the same time and it has more on the gaming aspect whereas the live poker is more a patience game, more strategic game, you have to get to know your opponents better rather than pay attention to the mathematical side of the strategies.  Live poker has to do a lot with psychology.

Do you get excited while playing online?
Yes, I do, surely.

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Igor Devkin

igor devkin
WPT Merit Cyprus Classic'14 (Sep 1st - Sep 11th, 2014)

I am very happy to reach the final table of the WPT Merit North Cyprus Classic’14 and winning the 6th place at the event. As you know, I had the shortest stack on the table and was not lucky with hands, so although I have managed to double it up, when the bets raised, the right cards did not come and unfortunately lost all I had and had to leave the final table first. Nevertheless, it is perfect experience for me as a player. Anything can happen in poker - today you lose, tomorrow you will win. I played similar tournaments before, of course, but I have never been into money. That is why I am very pleased with myself this time.
I am 23 years old and have been playing for the last 5 years. I suppose being young helps me at the table. I can concentrate on the game and analyze the situation quicker and more sensibly.

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William Dorey

william doreyWPT Merit Cyprus Classic'14 (Sep 1st - Sep 11th, 2014)

My name is William Dorey. I am 28 and live in London. I have been playing poker for 7 years already. It all started from playing online games and for the last three years, I have been playing live. Live poker is more exciting when you are getting hands but otherwise you have to be very patient, waiting for the right card to come. It is tough to say which of the games is more interesting, perhaps, live but only if you get the right hands, otherwise online has more action in it. The biggest motivator in poker for me is money and competition, equally.
My biggest win during these years, 47K, happened in Merit. It is actually my fifth time here. This is a wonderful place – the poker organization is perfect, the hotel with its beach and pool is very nice, one can have a good holiday here while playing the game. The atmosphere of Merit Poker is very friendly and relaxing. I have quite a few friends here, too.

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Davidi Kitai

davidi kitaiWPT Merit Cyprus Classic'14 (Sep 1st - Sep 11th, 2014)

Congratulations on your third WSOP golden bracelet. How does it feel to be the first non-American player to win it this year?
Thank you, it feels great of course. I was the first European to win it this year and I was lucky to have won two bracelets in two years, so that is pretty amazing, too. Actually, the importance of it is not that I am a non-American, but that this is my third WSOP bracelet, which is a big accomplishment for me.

Was it a difficult task? How much effort did it cost you?
Yes, it was a difficult to win at the World Series of Poker six-handed no-limit Hold’em event, as there were more than 700 players competing. I think this was one of my best tournaments; I felt very confident during the three days of intensive competition and successfully completed the game with an amazing result.

What is your biggest motivator in poker?
I think it is the passion of the game – I really enjoy playing; I do not consider it a job, it is more like a hobby for me, this maybe the reason why it brings me so much satisfaction. The secret of success in life lies in a simple thing – love what you do to reach the top and to produce the best results. And this is exactly what I do, plus I work on myself and my game to improve and I learn a lot from my mistakes.

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